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Round Image

with dashed curve as background

The dashed curve as background element for an image (can be .img-dashed-curve-left or .img-dashed-curve-right).

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The geometric figures as background element for an image (can be .img-geometric-bg-left or .img-geometric-bg-right).

  • Create vision & strategy for your leadership
  • Develop your own leadership style
  • Inspire and manage your team
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Improve your influencing skills

Round Image

with dashed curve + geometric background

  1. Round image
  2. Dashed curve background:
    • img-dashed-curve-left
    • img-dashed-curve-right
  3. Geometric figures background:
    • img-geometric-bg-left
    • img-geometric-bg-right

Dot Leaders

Workshop Fees — your clients costs (based on 10 participants):
  • Your fee $100 per hour
  • Workshop length 8 hours (1 day)
  • Hotel room hire $250
  • Water/coffee/tea $5 per person
  • Lunch $25
  • Workshop material (printing cost) $2 per participant

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